Our Story

Our Story

Babycakes is a labour of love. It is what we have made out of several scribbled, feverishly footnoted, yellowed recipes and years of many fun baking adventures. We are pleased to have completed 10 years in Mumbai and are even more proud to have launched in Hong Kong in January of 2019. We at Babycakes believe that baking is best when from the heart. Nothing makes us happier than your love for what we do. Other than your crazy and wonderful cake requests that keep us going and inspire us to keep baking for every occasion, we love baking with you at our Wan Chai kitchen at the many baking classes that we regularly host. Follow us to know whats brewing!

About Me

My tryst with baking commenced at age 9 with the innocent gift of a gas oven. Apparently, I fared very well in an exam in school and the reward, as is the case with most things in my home in Jorhat, had to do with food and cooking! Assam was, and is, such a beautiful, basic place. Growing up in it allowed me to experience the simple joys of mowing my lawns, fishing in the backyard pond and of course, baking simple, wholesome cakes.

Today, my yellowed and tattered recipe book has travelled to many places with me. It has been a loyal companion through the mad charm of Delhi University life, the abiding clockwork and supreme efficiency of Mumbai, and the uniqueness of motherhood in New York. Along the way I have learnt, borrowed, scribbled and dreamt up batter secrets that have transformed into delicious, joyous cakes.

This journey of discovery continues today when I travel to different places and seek out local bakeries and products. I also constantly experiment with new baking techniques and bring them back to you.

I now live in Hong Kong with my husband and teen & pre-teen daughters, who are always ready to sample and critique my new baking experiments. I look forward to every trip to India, where I come down every 6-8 weeks to spend time at my favourite place in the world - The Babycakes Kitchen!

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