Our Story

Babycakes was started out of a home kitchen in August 2009 by self-taught baker, Pallavi Sheth. After 4 years of baking from home, and many all-night sessions with an oven that baked only 17 cupcakes every half hour, Babycakes set up its commercial bakery in 2013. We now have a retail presence in different locations across Mumbai. We do cake requests and personalized orders from across the globe and deliver everywhere in Mumbai. We are also present on various online platforms.

About me

My tryst with baking commenced at age 9 with the innocent gift of a gas oven. Apparently, I fared very well in an exam in school and the reward, as is the case with most things in my home in Jorhat, had to do with food and cooking! Assam was, and is, such a beautiful, basic place. Growing up in it allowed me to experience the simple joys of mowing my lawns, fishing in the backyard pond and of course, baking simple, wholesome cakes.

Today, my yellowed and tattered recipe book has travelled to many places with me. It has been a loyal companion through the mad charm of Delhi University life, the abiding clockwork and supreme efficiency of Mumbai, and the uniqueness of motherhood in New York. Along the way I have learnt, borrowed, scribbled and dreamt up batter secrets that have transformed into delicious, joyous cakes.

This journey of discovery continues today when I travel to different places and seek out local bakeries and products. I also constantly experiment with new baking techniques and bring them back to you.